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Royals of Beaumont #3

Royal Dance

by Rachel Branton, 156 pages

Why does Tristano have to dance so . . . well, like a prince? And why does his gaze turn her insides to liquid fire?

One last dance might change everything.

When Prince Tristian Fontaine asks Harper Thackery to remodel the interior of his family home, she isn’t sure it’s her design skills he really requires. His primary intent appears to be using their relationship to deflect other women and his matchmaking mother. He knows Harper intends to marry another man, which makes her safe—completely off limits by her own decree.

But why does Tristian have to dance so . . . well, like a prince? And why does his gaze turn her insides to liquid fire?

Harper finds herself torn between two dreams, the happily-ever-after she always imagined and a fairy tale that might not be real. All because of a magical night and a chance meeting with a prince.

If only she has the courage to accept one last dance that might change everything. Because in Beaumont, fairy tales do come true.


Pattizona says...

"This fairytale romance is filled with magical moments, wonderful phrasing and imagery, and enough sparks to light the castle in Boschetto . . . I love that Harper is not a perfect size zero woman. She has curves, flaws and an insatiable love of pastries. I enjoyed the back and forth banter between the two as we learn their thoughts and different points of view. This may be a novella but I enjoyed every moment and flirtation."

Bryan Beckstrom says...

"I love all of Rachel's books and this one did not disappoint! I loved the characters right from the start. They are so real because she does such a good job describing them. It was hard to put down because it is such an entertaining story. I will definitely encourage my friends and family to get this book"

Vickie E. says...

"I loved this story! It totally sucks you into Harper's world. Amazing characters that you want more of and you want to be them. I also want a man as loving and caring as Tristano, if at all possible."

Adrienne says...

"Loved this, great story telling, loved the characters, can't wait to see what happens next!"